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Full service auto shop in Youngsville, NC

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MC Automotive and Transmission provides quality automobile repair and maintenance services to customers in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Let us be your one stop service center.

MC Automotive and Transmission

Our Services

Oil change Service
Brake and Suspension services

Oil Changes and
State Car Inspections

Oil is an important lube for the engine of your car. Failing to replace used oil with fresh and new oil can have very serious consequences. Changing engine oil is a simple process that is inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot of time. In 10 to 15 minutes we will have you back on the road.Here at MC Automotive and Transmission we can assist with all your North Carolina safety and emissions inspection needs.

Brakes and Suspensions

There’s nothing more vital to your safety than the brakes & tires on your vehicle. Getting a routine brake inspection a couple times of year is always a great idea.  suggests checking your brakes every 7500 miles. With routine brake inspections you can catch minor brake problems before they turn into major brake problems that will cost you more money to repair.

Tire Repair
Transmission Repair service


Periodic tire rotations promote even tire wear that will dramatically increase the life of your tires. Tires that stay in one area of the vehicle will typically wear faster than tires that are rotated on a routine basis. 

Transmissions and More

Your car’s transmission lets you know when it needs a repair, and it is a smart move to take care of it as soon as possible. The transmission is the part of your car that converts the power from the engine into usable force that makes your car move.


Image by Tim Mossholder

Mitch the owner is friendly and honest. He knowledge is extensive and has many years of experience. He worked on my car about 3 years. My car is around 11 years old. She run like a charm because of Mitch. He just did my struts that was needed and more. I would recommend him with no hesitation. Foremost, you can count on a well done job and honesty. I trust him with my car. He will let you know if you will have a problem and why it you would need to address it.

Image by serjan midili

Seth Parker

I’ve never had as great of an experience with a mechanic as I have with Mitch. He has been so helpful, efficient, communicative, and honest (especially hard to come by). Mitch has done diagnostic work, replaced spark plugs, coil packs, and checked into numerous other things on my vehicle for me. There’s too little room to write all the specific ways he is my number 1 choice for a mechanic, but just trust me- I’m not a guy who writes reviews, but I’ll write one for Mitch. I recommend him to you without reservation.

Image by igor constantino

Judy Kokeny

I have been a customer with Mitch for about 3 years now. Both my daughter & I have been taking our cars to him. I highly recommend him as a honest, knowledgeable Mechanic. I should now since my own Father was a mechanic and had his own shop. My 2005 Honda Accord has had computer replaced, gearbox, sensors, windshield wiper motor,air-conditioning unit etc. replaced. Mitch does the job right the first time. He is up front with his pricing and evaluations of how soon parts need to be replaced.

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